Virtual SBN Conference Business Networking

16/11 | Start: 09:00


Join us for Organised Business Networking.

Join us for Organised Business Networking.
We want to strenghthen the networking part of the virtual SBN Conference. This day is created to be a follow up of the SBN Conference for people who can not come to the Munch museum in person the 15 November.

This is a separate day for scheduled virtual One2One meetings. It's also possible to use this day for you to gather a group and discuss the conference presentations.The day will be devided in organised business networking timeslots. The program is depending on, if and how the Face2Face Business Networking day 15th November can be run. The program for the 16 November will be published as soon as possible, but no later than the 19th October which is the keynote day of the virtual SBN Conference. 

Please notice, this business networking day of the SBN Conference is exclusively open for SBN members only. This means; only members (and partners) will be invited to and can register for the business networking. 

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3 600kr

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100 in stock

3 Packages with one EDVARD MUNCH Memo and 2 Tickets to the Munch Museum are raffled off among the participants

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