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Predictive customer support

I see a major shift in the message we are given this year which I believe is important also for you. This is the second article in my series of articles with insights from my latest Executive Exchange meeting. Here you will find my personal observations, summaries and insights of SAPs strategies. Next Generation Support SAP Calm is the focus of this article and builds on the fact SAP themselves use the new technology to support their customers.

Innovative Solutions for Retail – SBN’s Spring Event, May, 21st

Here in Norway we have an active SAP retail community, which prompted us in the SBN to set up a user group community with an event in the spring and to provide a track at our annual conference dedicated to the retail sector. As our retail community members tend to be well updated on new SAP developments in their area it is a bit of a challenge to find interesting themes and topics for our retail events.  

Bente Boger, Vice President of SBN, shares her thoughts from this spring's Executive Network (SUGEN) meeting

Bente Boger, Vice President of SBN, shares her thoughts from this spring's SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN). We had several types of themes on the agenda. Under the agenda point "Executive Exchange" we met Christian Klein, who is “Chief Operating Officer and a Member of the Executive Board”. Personally I am interested in HCM and especially payroll. On questions within this area he said that SAP had invested and developed SAP payroll over the past years.

Inside information about SAP strategies

I see a major shift in the message we are given this year which I beleive is important also for you. This is why I would like to share my insights. Based on input from the international User Group collaboration(SUGEN) Executive Exchange meeting, I will share insights in a series of articles. Here you will find my personal observations, summaries and insights of SAPs strategies. 

BlackLine & SAP Nordic Roadshow

What business challenges are you struggling with the most? Is it, how to optimise and streamline your financial processes, how to improve visibility, accuracy and transparency or how-to approach your SAP S/4HANA journey? Accept and learn to overcome the challenges at this event. 
Copenhagen May 22 | Stockholm May 23 |  Oslo May 28 | Espoo May 29

Would your company like to meet Chuck Norris?

This is an unique opportunity to learn more about how you to make your company more efficient and reduce «waste». Chuck Norris is known for doing «more with less». 

Do you have control over your HR data in SAP?

Sariba arranges with this in mind several webinars where they address various aspects of GDPR and data storage in SAP HR.

PLM Info days 2019

PLM Info Days 2019 was held in St. Leon-Rot (near Walldorf) on April 16 and 17 with 390 participants.

How to roll-out SAP to a Russian Sales Office?

RUSSIA - How to implement SAP in a Russian Sales Office? Contact with a person who has experience would be much appreciated. A CIO of a member of SBN would like to exchange knowledge with a person who has experience of role out of SAP to Russia. Most of all he would love to find a colleague on an other company which has made a roll-out of SAP Software to a sales office in Russia.

GDPR in SAP systems at Orkla

With the help of software and consulting services from EPI-USE Labs, Orkla now has a solution for anonymizing data concerning. resigned employees and for scrambling HR data in test systems.

Recordings & slides from March

Check out the recordings and slides from our events in March. 

Retail Group SIG Leaders meet the Experts - Walldorf, March 27th

Dani Khalaf, the VP for Retail at SAP and her team of 4 experts had organised a program designed to answer the SIG Lead pre-delivered questions and to provide a good overview of where SAP is going with Retail over the next few years.

Envoy KPS becomes UK eCommerce agency of the year 2019

The UK eCommerce Awards recognize excellence and success in eCommerce across the UK. The award ceremony took place on March 6 2019. Envoy Digital Ltd. became part of KPS AG in 2018. 

Exciting SBN HR activities Q2 2019

The HR program for Q2 2019 is in the box. The highlight is our annual HR-F2F meeting, which will be held on May 15, but we also have an exciting web meeting on Friday April 12. We hope that many of you will be able to attend one or both of these meetings. Registration is open for both.

S5 Consulting strengthens its position in Stavanger

S5 strengthens its commitment to being the leading SAP consulting company within, for example, oil and gas (SAP UX; Neptune / WebIDE, SAP HANA / ABAP, Logistics and Enterprice Asset Management, integrations, Ebiz, etc.), by strengthening its presence in Stavanger.

Focus on Master Data - May 13

Following a request from several of our member companies, we have set up a special day this year focusing on Master Data. Even with all the new great and exciting technology that comes all the time, it is still a prerequisite for gaining profits that companies have control over the quality of their Master Data. We meet F2F at Capgemeni in Oslo and Stavanger on May 13th. It will also be possible to participate remote.

S/4 HANA Forum – May 14th in Oslo and Stavanger

Our aim for this day is to share experience and best practice with our members and partners on moving to S/4 HANA.  The agenda consists of several customers sharing their experiences together with SAP and partner “know-how”, best practice and tools to help accelerate your projects. 

The fact that Norske Skog moves the SAP administration back to Norway confirms the homeshoring trend

After been having the SAP adminstration located in the Philippines for over 10 years, Norske Skog is now moving the service back to Norway and Bouvet. Despite nearly four times the hourly rate, the goal is still to reduce costs.

Chatbots, Blockchain, AI, and more future tech...

On this link you find a short video which explains Blockchain, AI, IoT, Chatbots, Machine Learning, and other intelligent technologies. It goes beyond the hype of new technologies and helps you discover how they actually work.