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News May 2020


What do you think of the idea of a Virtual F2F SBN Conference?

The past week we had three full day events. Events we called "Virtual F2F" events.  It has been fantastic days. Awesome presentations. On the spot Questions ... lots of learnings. In June the registration for the  SBN Conference opens. What do you think of the idea of a Virtual F2F SBN Conference in October?

How to get the most out of your SuccessFactors investment?

Join us on May 29 in this SBN webinar and hear an exciting 'live' conversation between Camilla Pedersen (Service Coordinator - SAP HCM, SuccessFactors in NorgesGruppen) and Ralf Wagner (Vice President HCM Solution Manager in SAP).

Many good reasons to attend Analytics Day June 10

Check out the Analytics Function Day program - These days will give you inspiration, enriche your job role and contribute to your personal development and career.

Digital SAP courses

ABAP course x2 in June & Logistics Academy (SD) in August with certification

Focus on Master Data May 28 - virtual meeting

Based on the fact that many of our member companies continue to show great interest in the Master Data Quality topic, we have set up a day dedicated to the topic also this year. 

SBN’s S/4HANA Virtual Highlight of the Year

At this year’s S/4HANA day, I wanted each of the presentations to answer at least one key question to which our members have been looking for an answer.

Intelligent move to S/4HANA using ReSQ

ReSQ will analyze your ABAP code in detail and help you answer important questions on your S / 4HANA journey. In this webinar on May 27, EY Skye will give a brief introduction to ReSQ in addition to sharing a case where this particular tool has been used.

Webinar: Getting Started With SAP’s Innovation Platform

Join this “Getting Started” webinar on June 10, where itelligence will provide you with an overview of what to consider in regards to system architecture, licenses and general administration.

Architecting for the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Enterprise  

Knowing what and how to move IT systems to the Cloud is probably one of the major challenges facing organisations over the next few years. Find a webinar tip on the link

Bouvet strengthens its SAP team in all areas

Bouvet has hired consultants in Analytics, FICO, Maintenance, Development, Basis and Integration.

Coffee talk with SAP focus

What would you and your collegues like to talk about? Ideas exist and there is agreement in SBN on the need for a theme at every Coffee talk meeting, not just "kose" talk. The opportunities and ideas are three:

Sariba AS receives the award as SAP partner for the year 2019

Sariba AS is named SAP Partner of the Year 2019 in Norway for their work as implementation partner for the entire SAP HR suite.

Webinar: SAP Blockchain as a Service: Promise, Practice and Application

In this webinar on June 9, itelligence will introduce you to the Blockchain technology and explain the key benefits for your specific industry use cases. They will also showcase the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain and how to Innovate with SAP Blockchain as a Service and SAP Leonardo technologies.

SAPPHIRE is Virtual = SAPPHIRE + ASUGForward

A virtual SAPPHIRE and a virtual ASUG Conference replaces the F2F event in Orlando USA. Take the opportuniaty to join these events now when they come to you. OBS! ASUG offers a free registration until 31 of May!

SAP’s S/4HANA Game – ERPsim a fun approach to S/4 discovery and learning

SAP have come up with ERPsim an innovative game, which familiarises the participants with the possibilities and opportunities in S/4HANA and it’s fun! Join our web-game on SAP on June 5th at 09:00.

Masterdata management

Bouvet can help you and your company to solve the problems generated by low Master Data quality

Recordings and presentations from HR Day

Over 70 people participated on our virtual HR day on May 6 - recordings and presentations are now available.

Bane NOR has chosen Sariba and SAP SuccessFactors for their HR digitisation

Bane NOR has chosen Sariba and SAP SuccessFactors to take their HR processes and the company into the future. The project, which has been started, will cover several areas.

A reminder - 2 important webinars for Finance May 8 and 15

SAF-T - Localisation for Norway - update - Friday May 8 2020 | Automate your Business Processes with SAP Intelligent Robotics Process Automation - Friday May 15 2020.

A Podcast Series by SAP on COVID-19

Five customer focused episodes that covers: How each industry is being impacted by COVID-19, Long term impacts, How customers should re-imagine business models, Examples of customers responding, What SAP can offer to help