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News June 2020


DFØ has signed a contract with itelligence to introduce a common HR system for the Norwegian state

The five-year contract has a total value of 60-100 million NOK. The new agreement includes an SAP SuccessFactors HXM solution, with itelligence as implementation partner.

Best of SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined

By us selected presentations from SAP’s new digital program for SAPPHIRE NOW. We have collected links with direct access digital broadcasts.

Ideas for a virtual vacation-travel

Everything is different as we can not travel as we are used to. I collected a few ideas of vacation activities which do not require travel and still create you an experience treat.

Panel discussion with Public Sector representatives

How data and technology can drive a faster economic recovery with focus on the Public Sector. Representatives from the sector in a Panel discussion to share their insights.

7 signs that it is time to change payroll system

Sariba gives you a list of 7 signs you should be aware of. If you recognize one or more of these points, it is time to make an assessment. Maybe it's time to change payroll system?

Responsible and Sustainable Business Transformation - Webinar 2th July

Fighting climate change, resource depletion and plastics pollution is rapidly moving up on the business agenda. Join this webinar to learn more about how enterprise software and new digital technologies can be leveraged to create intelligent enterprises while delivering sustainability benefits.

Customer Loyalty in SAP – 2 Webinars coming up!

We have heard of concerns from our members that the complex solutions they have developed in their current SAP CRM systems will not be supported longer term by SAP and that their current solutions will be difficult to reproduce in the replacement solutions that SAP have introduced. In response to this, SBN will together with their partners hold two webinars in June, that present solutions which hopefully can cater for and meet all our members’ needs in this area.

From EDI to Peppol and 100% electronic

Alumeco road to a network strategy to communicate with customers and suppliers - from EDI to Peppol and 100% electronic

SAP Collaborative Business Planning Webinar Series, June 8-10

Given the significant pace of innovation in the SAP Analytics portfolio and changes to product support timelines relating to business and financial planning, this series of webinars has been designed to provide customers with the latest visibility of SAP's product roadmaps.


Welcome to SAP’s new digital program for SAPPHIRE NOW, bringing meaningful insights, guidance, vision, and direction to the SAP community.

Start the day in a good way with a webinar by SAP

SAP invites you to listen to inspiring examples of how customers are adapting to for future success.

SAP Concur - when the focus is on cost control and Purchasing Restrictions.

If you and your organization are concerned with cost control, transparency and controled procurement, we do highly recommend this webinar organized by SBN in collaboration with SAP Concur.

Celonis and Accounts Payable - a good case in times of great uncertainty

Celonis Once Again - This time Capgemini, together with Celonis, will show and explain how they have applied Celonis to the Accounts Payable process to preserve the cash outflow from the company.

Time to start Planning i SAP Analytics Cloud?

Analytics Function Day - Why don't you start your Planning in the SAP Analytics Cloud? Join this virtual online day, which gives the opportunity to jump in and out of the program.

Webinar: Automated Master Data Management using Advanced Analysis and Machine Learning.

In this webinar on June 11, itelligence will show you how Master Data Management in SAP could look like in an automated and simplified way with strong governance.