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Mark Information offers the Workforce Management solution ProMark, enabling companies to optimise productivity and generate savings through scheduling the right resources for the right time and right job and ensuring that the resources are correctly paid in the most effective way.

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The functionality in ProMark can be split into 4 main areas: 

  • Time & Attendance: Collection of clock-in and clock-out registrations and deviations validated against rules and local agreements generating correct payroll basis
  • Absence: Advanced management of sickness and holiday leave through digitalisation of working processes and follow-up
  • Task Management: Job registration for production and activity registration on projects forming the basis for invoicing
  • Scheduling: Staff planning for optimisation of the company’s resources taking competencies, working time rules and collective agreements into account

ProMark has standard integration to SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and SAP ERP (PP, PM, CO, PS, CS and MM modules) and can be part of an optimised business process flow.

This provides a number of benefits to the customers:

  • Simple, standard user interfaces for employees and managers with automatic notifications, approvals and validations of data according to the company’s business rules
  • Activates registrations without being online with SAP/SFSF
  • Ensures validated and correct payroll with full transparency for the employee and the manager 
  • Offers time & attendance AND activity: ProMark combines attendance registration with job and project registrations and handles exceptions and deviations
  • Ability to plan and re-plan at detailed levels, including team planning flows
  • Low TCO and high ROI

One solution, consisting of well-integrated and dedicated systems provides more flexibility and effective support of the company’s business processes and increases the value of its SAP solution. This makes ProMark a future-proof solution for SAP customers.

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