SBN Webinar: Climate - How your company creates a difference

19/02 | Start: 09:00

Climate - How your company creates a difference

February 19th, 09:00-10:00

Learn from and discuss with Sustainability experts from SAP and Deloitte.
Deloitte’s Sustainability professionals work with companies to evaluate and develop sustainable strategies that can help drive toward near-term and long-term results. The SAP solution portfolio is in the area of analytical content, best practices and embedded software capabilities across end-to-end processes.
Read more about SAPs Climate 21 on this link



9:00  Welcome, EM Fahrer SBN 

9:03  Building sustainability into strategy
Sustainability is not a quick sprint, but the rewards for sticking with it can be vast. Businesses that view sustainability and resources efficiency as a part of doing business have realized the value that it brings to their corporate objectives related to revenue, brand, operations, risk management, and corporate social responsibility.
Presented by Hanne Solem, Deloitte

9:20 Sustainability in the Modern Supply Chain
He will introduce the SAP Logistics Business Network. The new SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics to simplify Legal Requirements and Reporting. Move from focusing on reduction of Waste, Cost and Taxes to a Sustainable Sourcing where the company can create the transparancy and trust which let's the customer influence and choose.
Presented by Trond Røvang, SAP

9:35 Group Discussion:
We will divide the participants into groups, to discuss the following topics:

  • What do you and your company do today in the area of sustainability?
  • What are the biggest barriers?
  • What can we (=discussing now) as a group do to help our companies reduce their climate impact? Which tools can be used?

9:50  Short presentation, per group. 

9:58 The way forward - a verbal survey. Please use also the e-mail survey sent out 9:45

Ends 10:00


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Hanne SolhemHanne Solem
Senior Manager, Deloitte Norway




Trond røvangTrond Røvang,
Solution Architect, Solution Expert, SAP Norway




The meeting is moderated by:

Astrid Thommesen SæbøAstrid Thommesen Sæbø
CFO, SAP Norge


Veronika GulsettVeronika Gulsett
Consultant, Deloitte Norway


Eva-Maria FahrerEva-Maria Fahrer
CEO, Adfahrer




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Number of participants: 9

  • Catherine Adams
    Sopra Steria
  • Susanne Åberg
  • Roland zum Busch
  • Martin Brownsword
  • Bernt Bakken
  • Roland zum Busch
  • Jose Antonio Garcia Vilera
  • Veronika Gulsett
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer