Your data is safe with us!

Which data, how to change and/or delete it

The data we collect from you is primarily first and last name, company email address, phone number(s) and which company you work at. This information is used to send you newsletters, invitations, and give you access to our community. Furthermore we also save which interest areas you have, so as to target our marketing and only send you the most relevant invitations. First and last name + company is also published on an eventpage (see example) when you have signed up for an event. Picture, title and/or a cv-text is used for presentation of speakers at events.

Everyone has a profile in the community with their information. One can change name, title, department, social profiles, cv, phone number, picture and email address on their profile. If you want to change your company or have any problems with changing your data, please contact us at

Information ends up in our database either if you register them yourself or if we get the information. We'll always notify you when we register you in our database and why.

For all of the above goes, that some or all information can be changed/deleted upon request. We can also give you a full view into which information we have on you. Please contact us at, and we’ll meet your request as fast as possible and send you a confirmation when your data is deleted.


When you participate in an event, we share your first and last name, company and phone number with the company hosting the event. This is used for name tags and user groups purposes only. Many companies need to know who is in their buildings, when and how to reach them in case of emergency. The information is shared in an excel sheet through email and we expect our cooperation partners to treat your data with discretion and only use it for event/user group purposes. Occasionally this information is also shared with speakers of the event, but it is always possible to let us know, if you do not want your information shared with the speakers.

We also take pictures during our events which is publish during/after the event and later on used in our marketing. If you do not want to be on pictures and/or see yourself in one of the pictures and wish this to be deleted, you can always send us an email and we will take it away and make sure it is not used in any further material.


Accuracy and Security
We do as much as we can to keep our data updated, but we also ask you, as a user of SBN, to keep us updated on any changes you might have - email, company, phone number etc. as to keep your information as accurate as possible.

We keep your data for as long as you wish to receive our newsletter. When you unsubscribe, we make a notice about this in our system and will stop sending you the newsletter. Please let us know if you wish to be deleted completely at


We take security of your data very seriously and aim to only have servers within EU and be in line with EU-regulations on this area. Should an incident happen in relation to how we handle all personal data, we will inform everyone who is involved and the right authorities. 


Invoices are always issued in a company name with relevant person as reference. As such, invoices are kept, saved and secured in relation to current regulations in this area.


Member and partner companies can ask for a list of which employees they have in our register to be able to update our information. This is provided upon request. 

Questions? Please contact:

Eva-Maria Fahrer - Adfahrer Security OfficerEva-Maria Fahrer
+46 70 5697808