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Market your business solutions to the perfect target group

Be a part of our events and when we share the latest SAP news to 4500+ verified subscribers every week.

Show them who you are
Display your logo with linked info on our web & newsletters 

Show them what you do
Share your news and events on our web & newsletters

Meet them
Attend with 2 participants at Innovation Team meetings & unlimited number of participants at Web meeting

Access our Community
Join Innovation Teams & discuss with others

Show them your experts
Profile your employees & upload their CV's into our community

Save on sponsorships
Get a 15% partner discount on sponsorships for the annual SBN Conference

Show them how to do it
We can host, market, record and share a Web meeting together with you (Add-on)

Let them get to know you
Let us interview you and share it (Add-on)

Work together with them
Sponsor or start an Innovation Team. Become a team leader and host events (Add-on)

Nordic reach
Everything you share with us can be shared in Norway, Sweden and Denmark 


Partner & Marketing Subscription - NOK 54.778*

 Included in subscription:

  • Show them who you are
  • Show them what you do
  • Meet them
  • Show them your experts
  • Access our Community
  • Save on sponsorships


  • Work together with them - NOK 30.900*.
  • Show them how to do it - NOK 15.000*.
  • Let them get to know you - NOK 15.000*.
  • Extra participant at SBN F2F Innovation Team events - Yearly NOK 4.500*.
  • SBN Conference participant - From NOK 6.500*. 
  • SBN Conference Sponsor Combo - Pricing on request.

*All prices are for 12 months and excluding VAT.
If you have questions. Please send us an email or call us on +47 922 52 539.

Our community has been administered by Adfahrer AB since 1993. More information on this link



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 Work together with them.
 Show them how to do it.
 Let them get to know you.
 Extra participant at SBN F2F Innovation Team events.

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