Your data is safe with us!


Your data - Which data?

The data collected is primarily first and last name, company, e-mail address, phone number(s) and area of interest. If you speak at event, this data i complemented with a picture, title, link to eventual LinkedIn account and eventual CV text from LinkedIn.


The SBN community - How to change and/or delete it ?

The SBN community is the base for the information. You can any time log into to see, correct and complement your data also with a picture. Id is the e-mail. The password is secret information and can only be set and changed by you.


We work hard to send you only relevant information.

On the web-page, the content shown is based on the Area_of_interest in your ID page. Event invitations are sent based on Area_of_interest and the Special Interest Groups visible in your ID page.


Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups can be edited from your personal ID page and from the Group itself. In the Group page you can choose to join or leave a group.


Events, Meetings and Networking

When you register, name and company are automatically published on the event page. If you speak at an event, picture, title and/or a cv-text is published.

If you register or if we do the registration for you the information is stored in the SBN community. Information is keept as long as we have not been asked to erase the information. Information can also be deleted if we are informed that you are not anymore interested in our content,  as example by retierement or change of employment.

Pictures are made during our events. The pictures are published during and after the event. Pictures can later be used in our marketing. Let us know, if you do not want to be visible on pictures. 


Shared data

When you participate in an event, we sometimes share your name, company, e-mail and phone number with the companies hosting, speaking or sponsring the event. We share information in spread sheets send through email.  

The data sent to the host is used for as example entrance cards, name tags etc. Many hosting companies need to know who is in their buildings, when and how to reach them in case of emergency. 

The data sent to speakers and sponsors is used for contact after the event. They can request a meeting or share additional information related to the topic of the event.

We expect our cooperation partners to treat your data with discretion and only use it for relevant information. Let us know, if you do not want your information shared or if data is misused in any way. 


Security and Accuracy

We work hard keep data accurate and updated. We ask for your support! Send us an e-mail when things change or change yourself. All data except your employer can be changed in the ID page, employer has to be changed by us. 

Company representatives can ask for a list of their companies employees in our community, to update information. This is provided upon request. 

If you unsubscribe, this is automatically handled in our system and the system stops sending you newsletters. If you like to recieve the newsletter again you need to subscribe yourself. If you wish your data to be deleted, we erase your record from the from the community. If you want your data to be deleted, this needs to be sent in an e-mail sent from your e-mail adress. Send this request e-mail to When data has been deleted we will send you a confimation.

If you need support to change, please send us an e-mail to or call in Norway 922 52 539 or outside Norway 0046 70 569 78 08. 

We have secure systems. Servers are within EU and we work in line with EU-regulations. Should an incident happen. The appropriate and relevant people and the authorities will be informed without delay. Link to GDPR statment from our web-system vendor


Financial transactions are kept, saved and secured in relation to regulations.

Invoices, Orders, Creditcard-verfications etc are always issued with relevant person as reference and the company as customer. All financial transactions kept, saved and secured in relation to current financial regulations. Link to GDPR statment from our Financial system vendor.


Any Questions?

Eva-Maria Fahrer

Please send us an e-mail to or call in Norway 922 52 539 or outside Norway 0046 70 569 78 08


Questions? Please contact:

Eva-Maria Fahrer - Adfahrer Security OfficerEva-Maria Fahrer
+46 70 5697808