Welcome to the Team behind SBN = Adfahrer!

Adfahrer supports user groups to be the best! A user group has to be proactive and create actvities the members need to be the best in their profession. If actvities have many participants and recourses are allocated to sales the user group will grow. Growth is the best indicator of a successful user group.


Innovation Team leads:


Eva-Maria FahrerEva-Maria Fahrer
CEO SBN-Adfahrer

For me, most important, is the number of participants on each event.
Second most important is their evaluation of the event. As a result, comes high a customer retention rate and to keep the high level, every event has to be even more interesting and better than its forerunner.

I have long SAP experience. My first SAP project was in the end of the 80's implementing the main-frame version of SAP for an American Oil Company. Since then SAP has developed enormously.  I'm the founder and main responsible in this familiy company, which is responsible for the backoffice of SBN. I have been dedicated to user group activities for SAP customers since the beginning of the 90's, first as Chairman and after this supporting user group acctivities in a backoffice position.  

I love people, IT and improving processes, and therfore this is the best job I can have.  The SAP User Group Norway (SBN) has been our Adfahrer customer since 1999.

Contact info: Eva-Maria Fahrer, +47 92 25 25 39 or +46 (0)70 569 78 08  e-mail: first-name.lastname at adfahrer.com


Didrik Arstad

Didrik Arstad,
Head of Finance, Analytics and HR incl salaries

Former CFO.

Didrik Arstad, +47 90 56 29 21, e-mail: first name, last name at adfahrer.com





Stein Ove RøvStein Ove Røv,
Head of Technology with focus on Security

Department Manager DigIT Platform Services, Skagerak Energi

Stein Ove Røv,  +47 90970446 e-mail: firstname.lastname@skagerakenergi.no




Sigurd SjyumSigurd Skyum
Head of Retail and ALM
(Solution Mananger)
LinkedIn and Skyum consulting
Sigurd Skyum, +47 922 02 313 e-mail: firstname.lastname at adfahrer.com





Chris BerryChris Berry
Head of Merkatil Forum /Commercial Forum and IT management
Previous CEO/Daglig leder Oracle and SAP. Experienced Country Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Coaching, Enterprise Software, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Sales Management.
LinkedIn +46 (0)72 584 89 55 e-mail: firstname.lastname at adfahrer.com



Execution and Realisation:


Joakim LövesJoakim Löves,
​​​Head of IT in Adfahrer

Head of deleiveries to partners, newsletters, graphical layout, webpages and technical inovation.

Joakim Löves,+46 (0)70 667 65 68 e-mail: first name, last name at adfahrer.com



Finances, accounting, Salaries and Regulated Public reporting:
- Adfahrer, Christina Fahrer, Finance mananger in Adfahrer.
- Value Group: Bjørn Lunnan, Autorisert regnskapsfører, Drammen
- Certe, Henrik Richardsson, Auktoriserad revisor/Authorized Public Accountant
- BDO O Kjær, Director and Authorized Public Accountant
- Sissel Gustavsen, Konsulent Lønn


We look forward to meet you and discuss your needs!
Please contact us if you are interested in our services  e-mail to the adress: info at adfahrer.com

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