SBN is the official Norwegian SAP User Group.

  • Our members are decision makers 
  • Our members get the most of their investments.
  • Our weekly newsletters keep our members informed
  • Participation in events is included in membership.
  • Sustainability and good ethics is considered in every decision.
  • The independent community is supported by a stable family company.

SAP customers elected by SAP customers are in the Leadership.
SBN is an independent Norwegian union. The core leadership team and our team leadership teams can be contacted through the community.

A strong and active influencer of SAP.

SBN is active locally, on Nordic level, Europe level and Global level. Team leaders in SBN are part of the Knowledge Transfer and influencing cooperation with SAP. All our Volunteers, including the Core Leadership Team, the Team Leader Teams, our Partners and the Members in the community are professional supported by Adfahrer in Norwegian, English, Danish and Swedish language since 1993. Choose your favourite information language in your profile.

SBN and Adfahrer are very transparent. Support, Cooperation and Discussions are prioritized and many information channels are used even if focus is set on our Community where discussion trails and history is available for yor information.  Financially the activities are balanced and there is no financial risk involved in a membership or engagement. Adfahrer AB is a healthy, self-funded, 100% family owned company which ensures a long-term perspective.

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Hans Butenschøn, Fred Ohlsen EnergyPresident of SBN
Hans Butenschøn
Manager @Dolphin Drilling


 Vice President of SBN
 Bente Boger
 Advisor @Norwegian Defence


Cashier of SBN
Thor Øyvind Nilsen
Leader Accounting @Equinor


Eva-Maria FahrerCEO SBN
Eva-Maria Fahrer
CEO @SBN-Adfahrer AB