Welcome to SBN
The official Norwegian SAP User Group,
a strong and active influencer of SAP.

  • Our members are decision makers 
  • They get the most of their investments.
  • Our weekly newsletter keeps our members informed
  • Participation in events is included in membership.
  • Sustainability and good ethics is considered in every decision.
  • The independent community is supported by a stable family company.

SAP customers elected by SAP customers are in the Leadership.
The Leadership Team, the Community and all Volunteers are professional supported by Adfahrer in Norwegian, English, Danish and Swedish language since 1993. SBN-Adfahrer is very serious about data security and treat personal data with respect. You can yourself decide which information to share with the members. Reach out to our dataofficer on e-mail data-officer(at)sbn.no if you have questions.  Choose your favourite newsletter language; Norwegian, English, Danish and Swedish.

The financials of Adfahrer and the SBN Union are transparent and balanced.
Adfahrer AB is a healthy, self-funded, 100% family owned company which ensures a long-term perspective.

Join our community!  Upgrade to be a leader! It will generate you a lot of personal value.


Hans Butenschøn, Fred Ohlsen Energy

Hans Butenschøn
Fred Ohlsen Energy
President of SBN

Eva-Maria Fahrer

Eva-Maria Fahrer
Adfahrer AB