Webinar 4: Drive Business Outcomes & Innovation with SAP S/4HANA

Start: 2/10 10:00

Webinar 4: Drive Business Outcomes & Innovation with SAP S/4HANA

“When you know better, do better,” is one of my favourite mantras. It applies to just about everything in our personal and business lives and can be seen in action almost everywhere. Back in 1950s, for example, riders in the Tour de France used to “warm up their hearts” by smoking cigarettes each morning during the race. In the 1980s, competitors ate huge steaks for breakfast and dinner, and rode with egg yolks and sugar in their water bottles. Today, there’s a lot more science involved - because we know better.

The same is true with technology. As innovation advances and we know more, we can do more - and “do better”. A prime example of better is how SAP S/4HANA and the Intelligent Suite, including the SAP Analytics Cloud, are using next generation technology to better serve customer needs and innovation.

Today’s business outcomes, such as customer retention insights, predictive maintenance or dynamic inventory optimization, require organizations to relate their enterprise data with big data. Yet the sheer size and complexity of the task make it extremely difficult with old-fashioned approaches, such as copying everything into data lakes. Likewise, today’s demands around agility, security and compliance mean this isn’t a feasible long-term strategy. 

What’s needed is a better, more intelligent solution-led approach. One that enables next generation data-driven insights to directly connect to data - rather than just collecting it.  By modernizing the Data Warehouse, you can re-invent your business with powerful cloud analytics, better intelligence and data-driven business outcomes.

As part of our ongoing Webinar Series, we’ve created a webinar specifically dedicated to this topic. Whether you’re thinking of transitioning to SAP S/4HANA or have already moved and want to now leverage the platform for greater innovation, we’ve designed this webinar to show you how.

See first-hand what ‘better’ would look like for your business.

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Gerd Danner
Vice President EMEA Centre of Excellence for Information Management
SAP Deutschland SE & Ko KG

With more than 20 years’ experience in SAP and data management, Gerd is an expert in BI and Analytics, Master Data Management and Master Data Governance, as well as Data Integration, Data Quality and Stewardship.

In his work, he regularly applies this expertise to help customers succeed in leveraging their Enterprise Data as well as Big Data assets to become truly data-driven Intelligent Enterprises, based on business-focused data management strategies.

Gerd is passionate about helping companies turn their data liabilities into data assets that enable business transformations and fuel data-driven business innovation.

In previous roles, Gerd worked in development, consulting, and product management.

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