SBN Webinar: Digitised document management

Start: 16/06 09:00

SBN Webinar: Easy creation of Compliant SAP Sales and PO Documents.

June 16th, 09:00-10:00

How to in a short time, with a small budget, without technical or database skills create beautiful and compliant PDF output SAP documents. In this webinar Florian Lissandrès, SAP Technical Consultant in Symtrax and Ghizlane Mouslih from Symtrax will, based on what their customer Axens did, explain the functionality in the Symtrax their product Compleo. 

The Challenge described in this webinar is how to make SAP output documents compliant, with graphical charts and easy to maintain and update. 

The Symtrax customer Axens, is a french worldwide Group in the energy sector. They are used as example in this webinar to explain the functionality. Axens have implemented Compleo to create a PDF output document from their Quotation/Sales order printing on short time and at low cost. 

Axens now have documents that at all time are compliant and with all kind of graphical charts. The Compleo solution makes it easy for people with no ABAP, nor technical developments, nor database skills to adapt and modifying documents and upload to SAP as well as sending to any receiver. 

Needed is: Axens’ SAP system is connected to a Compleo Hybrid architecture. Then a template is created that is applied at the document printing phase. Finally, a automatization scenario was created that triggers the Compleo application with the predefined actions on each Quotation/Sales order printing. 

Axens plans for the Future: Thanks to Compleo Hybrid, Axens can now effortlessly add more data from SAP via BAPIs. Axens have therefore extended the use of the solution for the ZATCA e-invoicing project. 

ZATCA e-invoicing requires the SAP printed XML invoices to meet the UBL format at the same time as its creating a compliant PDF with a graphical chart. The XML is attached into the PDF. The PDF file is then dropped back into SAP. This process meets the phase one requirements of the ZATCA project. In 2023, Compleo Hybrid will assist in dropping the XML onto the future ZATCA platform.


Summary: Based on the SAP third-party solution Compleo from Symtrax the global company Axens has transformed and optimized their Global document management performance. Axens is a french worldwide Group in the energy sector. They are providing a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates as well as treatment and conversion options for natural gas. They have chosen to partner with Symtrax for its digital document management solutions.

Axens implemented SAP in 2007 operating throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, France, China, Japan and the Middle East. Focused on digital transformation, Axens has chosen to improve the appearance of its digital documents  with Compleo from Symtrax to enable all users to access the same quality of services.

Symtrax will in this webinar share with you the Compleo products functionality based on Axen’s use case and Axen's testimony.


Florian Lissandres 
 Speaker: Florian Lissandres, Symtrax






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The webinar was original planned for March but has been moved to 16 June.

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