HR in times of transformation - Panel discussion

29/05 | Start: 10:30

HR in times of transformation - Panel discussion

May 29 10:30-11:30

A panel discussion between SAP / Large Norwegian Retail Customer on HR in times of transformation.  A discussion related to HR teams taking up the dual challenge of transforming HR operations and the workforce.

Presented by:

Camilla PedersenCamilla Pedersen (LinkedIn
Service coordinator at NorgesGruppen ASA.
Camilla Pedersen is a very Senior person with a long background from many areas in SAP and especially in the area of HR.


Ralf Wagner

Ralf Wagner (LinkedIn)
Vice President HCM Solution Manager at SAP.
Ralf Wagner has long experience from HCM in SAP. He has in this role several times visited the Norwegian SBN Conference and presented the upcoming Roadmap for HCM.

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Bernt BakkenBernt Bakken
Head of HR @SBN
+47 480 34 248

Tags: hr, remuneration, sap, sap knowledge

Number of participants: 25

  • Tor Magne Ulsund
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • Anne Kristine Robberstad
    NorgesGruppen HR-Tjenester AS
  • Finn D Buø
    Zalaris Consulting AS
  • Daphne Liu
  • Ripan Chowdhury
    Orko Health Ltd
  • Håvard Aspenes
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • Turi Nygaard Bakken
    Felleskjøpet Agri
  • Ralf Wagner
    SAP SE
  • Camilla Pedersen
    NorgesGruppen ASA
  • Astri Sofie Eskevik
    Wintershall Norge AS
  • Elisabeth Gundersen
    Wintershall Norge AS
  • Elin Haukeland Madell
    Sariba AS
  • Jan Erik Nessmo
    Zalaris ASA
  • Brede Trollsås
    Universitetet i Oslo
  • Nina Schmid
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Monica Selmer Lømo
    NorgesGruppen Data AS
  • Veronika Midtgård
    Aibel AS
  • Ingrid Sandmo Hannevig
  • Marita Johansen
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • Birgit Ramsøy
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Bernt Bakken
  • Anne Kristine Robberstad
    NorgesGruppen Data AS
  • Matthieu Jamme
    SAP SuccessFactors
  • Tania Dinnendahl
    SAP SE
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer