Integration Focus Webinar

Start: 22/11 10:30

Focus on Integration Challenges

In this webinar we focus on integration related to connection of software to the existing landscape.

The webinar topic is very open. We ask for your input. This webinar may become a series of webinars or lead to individual problem solving. 

The idea with this web-meeting is to discuss integration. Join the discussion, to build a network and learn from collegues in the network. 

Let's together try to identify if and where we need additional support, tools or education from SAP.

There are tools created by SAP to help customers and consultants in the integration process.

A few examples are found below. 

The integration Content Advisor for SAP Cloud Platform Integrations. There is a webinar from May 2019 where the advisor tool is presented by Marco Ertel, Product Management for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Recording is found here  In this webinarMarco presents the API Business HUB, Direct link is found here:

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, used for connectivity to non-SAP applications. Presented by  Divya Mary, SAP March 28, 2019. Recording found here

Data Integration Aspects of the SAP Data Hub, Presenterd by Axel Schuller, Product Management SAP Data Hub, SAP SE. To come November 07, 2019. The SAP Data Hub capabilities are described and data integration options.

November 14, 2019
Webinar from SAP on how SAP Leonardo integrates, presented by Frank Rambo, SAP Leonardo IoT Product Management, SAP SE. Read more here

November 28 (after our webmeeting)
Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud, presented by Rolf Sieberg, Product Management Analytics, SAP SE. Read more here (link goes to the same webinar listpage as the link above)


Eva-Maria FahrerI will lead our SBN webinar with help from my collegues. You could mail me em(@) your questions on before hand or just bring them to the discussion. We will share a white board to collect all input and we will take it from there. 




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