S/4HANA in focus

Start: 14/05 08:30

S/4HANA in Focus

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Join us at this F2F meeting in Oslo and Stavanger where we'll hear from those who have started or completed the journey to S/4HANA.

Any input to the agenda can be sent to Martin Brownsword, mb@adfahrer.com.


Adress can be found in the calendarinvite you should have received after signing up.


We look forward to see you!

The number of free participants form your company is related to your size of company membership unless any other agreement is in place. SBN Partners are wellcome to have two participants per event. For questions, please contact info@adfahrer.com. Please register yourself in line with rules around GDPR which we need you to accept or decline. In line with this your colleagues  have to register themselves.


This event was recorded live. Audio and video quality might not be perfect. At this particular event we experienced several audio drop outs unfortunately.

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Number of participants: 63

  • Svein Omdal   F2F
  • Mark Allen Carter   F2F
    Capgemini Norge AS
  • Cathrine Kjær Christensen   F2F
    SBN - Adfahrer Denmark
  • Tom Michael Stensrød   F2F
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Siril Eide   F2F
  • Bernt Bakken   F2F
    SBN - Adfahrer AB
  • Danish Nadeem   F2F
  • Bård Berntsen   F2F
    Kverneland Group Business Partner
  • Thor Øyvind Nilsen (SBN Kasserer)   F2F
  • Joakim Löves   F2F
    SBN-Adfahrer AB
  • Bente Eisold   F2F
    ABB AS
  • Terje Pedersen   F2F
    S5 Consulting AS
  • Tatyana Grønlien   F2F
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Anita Holberg   F2F
    ABB AS
  • Espen Koen Webjørnsen   F2F
    Accenture AS
  • Nils Einar NIlsen   F2F
    Sopra Steria
  • Kristoffer Strand   F2F
    Sopra Steria AS
  • Rune Mollan   F2F
    Accenture AS
  • Chanakya Sharma   F2F
    Accenture AS
  • Erik Hedlund   F2F
    EY Skye
  • Simen Larsen-Frivoll   F2F
    EY Skye
  • Vibeke Forsman   F2F
    Klaveness AS
  • christoffer sagstad   F2F
  • Einar Christophersen   F2F
    Capgemini Norge
  • Topi Uitto   F2F
    Capgemini Norge
  • Jan Grimm Torstensen   F2F
    Sap Norge
  • Vegard Alterskjær   F2F
  • Martin Brownsword   F2F
    SBN-Adfahrer AB
  • Gerhard Dr. Hirth   F2F
    SAP SE
  • Ragnar Øvre   F2F
    Brynild Gruppen AS
  • Espen Joachim Eilers   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Cecilie Eckhardt   F2F
    Skye AS
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer   F2F
    SBN-Adfahrer AB
  • Karl Olav Gravdal   F2F
  • Eileen Skaalbones   F2F
  • Didrik Arstad   F2F
    Adfahrer AB
  • André Moe Bakke   F2F
    Klaveness AS
  • Annelies Teirlinck   F2F
    Statkraft AS
  • Erlend Nygård   F2F
    Arcus-Gruppen AS
  • Erik Lindblom   F2F
    Arcus-Gruppen AS
  • Svein Kolden   F2F
    Basis Consulting
  • Robert Sipina   F2F
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Geir Sunde   F2F
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Ida Merete Skråstad   F2F
    Maske AS
  • Espen Sandvig   F2F
  • Viktoria Krompaszky  
  • Lasse D. Hansen   F2F
  • Nick Banks   F2F
    Nets Branch Norway AS
  • Jose Antonio Garcia Vilera   Remote
  • Anders Nystøl   Remote
  • John Teigen   Remote
    IBM AS
  • Gunn Strand   Remote
    MHWirth AS
  • Marianne Eggers Høie   Remote
    Gassco AS
  • Daniel B. Johannessen   Remote
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Atif Bhatti  
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Freddy Hafskjold   Remote
    Statkraft AS
  • Magnus Ollfors   Remote
    Pearl Norge AS
  • Andreas Solberg Aker   Remote
  • Egil Magne Hansen   Remote
  • Albert Roll   Remote
    Aker Solutions
  • Karin Lovsland   Remote
    MHWirth AS
  • Tone Rønningen   Remote
    Hydro Aluminium AS
  • Stian Bryne   Remote
    Kverneland Group Business Partner