SBN - Experience with GDPR/ Deletion of HR data day

14/09 | Start: 08:30

SBN - Experience with GDPR/Deletion of HR data day

September 14, 08:30-13:35

Knowledge exchange focusing on 'Experience with GDPR' 3 years after the law was implemented and experiences/customer cases on Deletion of HR data. HR Data is very integrated and can even be important for calculation after people have left the company. This makes HR data especially difficult to handle. There are many tools and GDPR has and forces the deletion of data, but this has to be made with exceptional care. 

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Bernt BakkenBernt Bakken
Head of HR in SBN
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 480 34 248
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Tags: hr, remuneration

Number of participants: 21

  • Rilén Håland
  • Camilla Pedersen
    NorgesGruppen ASA
  • Frode Skaar
  • Vigdis Fløystøl
  • Silje Jansen
    Direktoratet for økonomistyring
  • Anita Sola
    Aker Solutions AS
  • Hege Gittins
    Wintershall DEA Norge AS
  • Anne Maibauer
  • Merete Rong Sløveren
  • Hege Engh Trondalen
    Matiq AS
  • Hanne Fjetland
    Direktoratet for økonomistyring
  • Tone Holmen
  • Hege Ekren
  • Ida Carlsen
    Direktoratet for forvaltning og økonomistyring
  • Bjørn Kåre Amdal
    Sopra Steria
  • Merete Rong Sløveren
  • John H. Lund
  • Kim Ølberg Hansen
  • Marita Johansen
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • John H. Lund
  • Catherine Adams
    Sopra Steria