SBN Webinar: Pearl presenterer Pearl Loyalty for SAP

18/06 | Start: 09:00

Pearl presents Pearl Loyalty for SAP

June 18, 9:00-10:00

Create a loyalty program of your dreams with CXify Loyalty” ?

  1. CXify Suite - Elevate your Customer Experience with SaaS software built by Pearl and Sannsyn
  2. CXify Loyalty – fully integrated, fast and secure loyalty program management solution
  3. Live CXify Loyalty system demo
  4. CXify Suite in SAP CX product ecosystem

Presented by:

Juris BogdanovsJuris Bogdanovs (LinkedIn)
Data Insight Team Lead/CXify Product Owner at Pearl Latvia


Trond PedersenTrond Pedersen (LinkedIn)
Highly experienced SAP Program / Project Manager/ SAP Solution Architect and Partner at Pearl who has worked with SAP since 2000. 


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Martin BrownswordMartin Brownsword
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  • Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson
    NorgesGruppen Data AS
  • Martin Brownsword