SBN Webinar: SAP Enterprise Support Latest News and Updates

Start: 29/04 09:00

SAP Enterprise Support Latest News and Updates

April 29th 2020, 09.00 - 10.00

Do you get the most out of your SAP Enterprise Support (ES)? Generally for every day support and in your transition to S/4 HANA? In this webinar, SAP will present the Enterprise Support portfolio to encourage their customers to increase the ROI on their ES investment.

SAP Enterprise Support is SAP’s core support offering and is the foundation for success for SAP’s customers, both on-premise and in the cloud. SAP would like their customers to get more out of their Enterprise Support investment, especially now in these difficult times where social distancing has become normal and onsite support may not be readily available. As more services are being provided remotely Enterprise Support becomes a natural choice. 

SAP will present topics such as the ES Academy, their training portfolio with more than 1800 training opportunities, which are a combination of expert driven and self-service events. The ES Advisory Council where SAP innovates together with their customers, the only investment from the customer is the time they have to spend, and SAP’s next generation support offerings.

If you think you should get a better return on investment on SAP Enterprise Support, join this event to explore how SAP Enterprise Support can help support companies in adopting the vision with outcome-focused services and proactive support offerings. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kristin Teigen
Kristin Teigen,
Enterprise Support Advisor, SAP Norway

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