Our Value Offer in a glance

Free SBN Membership.

  • Weekly Newsletter with selected and relevant news about the SAP products and the SAP milieu is pushed to e-mail adress of your choice.
  • Read access to the postings in the member community will be granted after approval of your registration.
  • Webinars, Trial access for maximum 3 webinars. Ask for your Rebate Code

Paid SBN Membership.

  • The Membership is procured by the Company. All employees become automatically members.
  • Members register for free to Events.  See the membership package sizes on this link. 
  • WebChannel with selected topics run as webinars scheduled on Friday's
  • High Quality One-Day events relevant for innovative and frontline SAP Customers with clear described agenda. Evaluations are sent in the end of the event. Average scores are very positive.
  • Community Access - Register for a Tread and get to you pushed information from the community
  • Career development, join a Leader Team.  Read more here

SBN Partnership = a Marketing Offer

  • Experts selling SAP services can:
  • Present, to get visibility for their knowledge and new services
  • Join for free to meet potential customers and safekeeping relationships at One-Day Events and Webinars
  • Discuss, Write, Join and register for pushed replies in the community. Read more here
  • Gold partners can join a Leader Team and Plan together with the Team. Read more here

Companies selling products and services for SAP Customers and Experts can:

  • Get visibility for smart products and services
  • Meet potential customers Read more here

People looking for new job and companies searching for new employees can:

  • Long Term build your career and get visibility
  • Meet potential employers
  • Find and Market jobb opportunities


The SBN Community is
Lead, Moderated and supported by Professionals

Meet our professionals:

  • Didrik Arstad
  • Bernt Bakken
  • Martin Brownsword
  • Andries van Bruggen
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer
  • Cathrine Kjær
  • Joakim Löves


SBN Adfahrer Team