Value through experience

Through combining industry knowledge, technology and business process expertise of world-class professionals, we design and implement solutions which enable businesses to create and sustain competitive advantage that differentiates them in the marketplace. Delivering the right solutions on the right platform to the right people will improve the overall business process execution.

Our main services in this area are:

Application Architecture

  • Enabling the alignment between the business operating model and its IT architecture
  • Designing, implementing, integrating and securing end-to-end people-oriented business processes and solutions, also taking into account the needs for required information to monitor the performance of the business.

SAP Solutions

  • Designing and maintaining superior and cost-efficient business solutions within and across enterprises
  • Understanding and fulfilling business requirements by deploying the best fitting state-of-the-art SAP solutions by combining our strong business understanding with many years of SAP experience

SAP/ERP Global Template/Roll-out

  • Defining the optimal proportion of standard and local solutions that best fits the strategy and operations of global businesses
  • Developing and deploying standard business processes and solutions to maximize the benefits from SAP/ERP and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions

SAP/ERP Lifecycle Management

  • Reshaping SAP/ERP and EAM landscapes to support mergers and acquisitions
  • Upgrading and consolidating SAP/ERP and EAM environments to improve performance and reduce costs

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