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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 19/11/2019 15:09

Information about SBN was published in the SAP Japan User Group Journal. Read the story published in a paper based magazine which our Japanese friends got in their mail this week from their JSUG User Group.


Translation of the text:
SBN is the Norwegian independent SAP User Group. The Core Leadership Team consists of customers who lead the work in a well-defined process. Sustainability and good ethics is considered in all our decisions.

SBN was founded in 1997. SBN consists of 772 companies and 4579 individuals who are recipients of our weekly newsletter. Our members participate in face to face and online activities driven by 12 Special Interest Groups (SIGs). 400 customers and partners from across all industries attended the previous SBN annual conference hosted in Oslo, Norway.

Our members network to gain insights in the latest technologies. We offer webinars to our members in specialized areas and had more than 1800 attendees in total last year. 

SBN and SAP Norway have a great collaboration through mutual respect. SBN Team appreciates the support we get from the local country manager and his team to serve our members. Another factor contributing to our success is the thought leadership from the SAP Global Customer Value Services team. The Senior Vice President Yasmin Awad visited, as the group picture was made.

It is a pleasure to have interacted with JSUG through participating in the SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN). Special thank you to Mr Yasushi Suzuka who has been a dear SUGEN contact for many years and looking forward to meeting Ms Asako Teruki who has taken over from May. We wish the new JSUG chairman Mr. Atsushi Kazumi a warm welcome.

Both JSUG and SBN interact in driving changes in strategic areas in SUGEN, looking forward to meeting you again.
Eva-Maria Fahrer
Chef Executive Officer in SBN (SAP UserGroup Norway)


This is the link to a PDF version of the magazine



Eva-Maria FahrerArticle by EM.
As you see it was unfortunately an old picture of me published in the JSUG magazine. I hope the distance to Japan makes this not so important. For paper-print high quality pictures have to be used. This article was created during vacation time 2019 and this picture was at the time the best alternative. 😊
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