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Posted by Cathrine Kjær on 05/09/2019 08:45

The summer is coming to its close and SBN will soon be starting their events for the second half of the year. While the SBN conference is always the showpiece of the autumn calendar, this year we have a great, warm up event on September 17th with our Projects Day. IBM will host the event at their headquarters in the heart of Oslo and we have an exciting agenda, which provides sessions on project experience sharing, methodology, specific tools and how to prepare for and execute projects aimed at digital transformation.

One of our new members, Helse Vest have agreed to share their experience so far in implementing S/4 HANA. This has been has been a major, business transformation program for several years in Helse Vest and has gone under the name LIBRA (Lager Innkjøp, Budsjett, Regnskap, Anskaffelse) depicting the key process areas for improvement. 15 months ago at last year’s Projects event, Helse Vest and IBM shared their experience of planning and starting this program but at that time, Helse Vest had not had a chance to get their hands on the S/4 HANA software. It will be interesting to hear their experience from their major deliveries so far and how the software meets their expectations especially as they are using FIORI extensively. 

Bouvet’s leader for Business Development, Sven Lunøe Pihl, will share with us what is required to lead and execute a digital transformation project and explains why traditional methodologies are not suitable. His presentation will cover an approach for being successful with innovation and how to tackle additional challenges associated with complicated requirements in areas such as analytics and machine learning. Of course, the key aim, as with all system projects is how to gain the buy in of those who will use the system.

Coop Norge have built a project management tool using SAP tools, which covers the project process from requirement to deployment. It is being piloted in three separate Agile projects and the presentation will include a session which demonstrates the end to end flow and the benefit of integration with other modules in Solution Manager such as documentation and test.

SAP, with support from Helse Midt Norge, will explain how they used SAP’s Activate methodology in Helse Midt Norge’s S/4 HANA migration. The plan is to include a “lessons learnt” in this session, which we hope will be of value for all SAP customers and partners who are looking at migrating to S/4 HANA and would like to use SAP’s methodology.

All companies that deliver a well-run, successful SAP project should enter the project into the SAP, Quality Awards program for SAP implementation projects. SAP will be at our event to explain the advantages and benefits of doing this and to share some experiences from recent entries.

Although we have a great program already, we are still looking at adding to it while allowing time for networking and a tour of IBM’s innovation forum facilities.

Please use the following link to register for this event, which is free for members and partners:

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