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Agenda is now complete and consists of:

  • IBM will again be hosting the event at their superb facilities in the heart of Oslo and during the extended lunch break will provide a guided tour for all participants of their Innovation Forum facilities
  • Helse Vest will share their experiences from a greenfield, transformational implementation of S/4 HANA. They will focus on the project's success criteria, the challenges relating to the solution and project delivery including user experience and working with common master data. 
  • Bouvet will explain why companies need a new project approach in this era of digital transformation when implementing new technologies such as machine learning.
  • Zalaris will present their project with Aker BP which included the implementation of Success Factors, Zalaris HCM solution and Fieldglass.
  • While SAP Activate is the successor to ASAP it is much more than an agile approach to implementing SAP. Sigurd Skyum an experienced SAP Project Manager will explain the different components of Activate and its practical use in various types of SAP projects.  
  • Coop Norge is piloting the Focus Build solution in SAP Solution Manager and is covering the project process from requirement to deploy. The presentation by Coop will include a demo session, which demonstrates the end-to-end flow and the benefit of integration with other modules in Solution Manager such as documentation and test.
  • IBM will share the method they use to help customers move to S/4 HANA. One of the key challenges in this move is building a business case that clearly shows the business benefits. IBM's method specifically addresses this challenge.

The event is free for all SBN members and partners.


Any input to the agenda can be sent to Martin Brownsword,


We look forward to see you!

Number of free participants is related to size of company membership unless any other agreement is in place. SBN Partners can have two free participants per event. If any questions, please contact 

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Number of participants: 57

  • Marte Asphaug Solbjørg   Remote
  • Turi Nygaard Bakken   Remote
    Felleskjøpet Agri
  • Steinar Sabbasen   Remote
    Sariba AS
  • Jan Branæs   Remote
    Akselera Norway AS
  • Ståle Idland   Remote
    Matiq AS
  • Stian Windsland   Remote
    S5 Consulting AS
  • Bjørn Kåre Amdal   Remote
    Zalaris HR Services Norway AS
  • Bernt Bakken   Remote
    SBN - Adfahrer AB
  • Elin Haukeland Madell  
    Aibel AS
  • Christian Norgaard   Remote
  • Ida Merete Skråstad   Remote
    Maske AS
  • Tom Stensrød   Remote
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Arild Bjørneng   F2F
    EY Skye
  • Robert Heidasch   F2F
  • Svein Kolden   F2F
    Basis Consulting
  • Tori Oderud   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Kristoffer Bostad   F2F
  • Wenche Irene Nordenstam   F2F
  • Christel Lerøy   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Endre Rasmussen   F2F
    Coop Norge
  • Hilde Eitrem Hansen   F2F
    Pearl Norge AS
  • Rune Nondal   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Ingvild Nygaard   F2F
    Zalaris ASA
  • Sven Lunøe Pihl   F2F
  • Sigurd Skyum   F2F
    Skyum Consulting
  • Randi Gunhild Gundersen   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Ida Loeng   F2F
    Zalaris ASA
  • Sveinung Gehrken   F2F
  • Albert Roll   F2F
    Aker Solutions
  • Liv Oddbjørg Sundfør   F2F
    Helse Vest
  • Joakim Löves   F2F
    SBN-Adfahrer AB
  • Helena Fallberg   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Michael Bugjerde   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Erik Foss   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Ling Ling Chen   F2F
    NorgesGruppen Data AS
  • Kristoffer Strand   F2F
    Sopra Steria AS
  • Ronny Kolberg   F2F
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Espen Joachim Eilers   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Per Gahnstroem   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Vegard Alterskjær   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Hanne-Regine Vermedal   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Eivind Solvang   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Christoffer Sagstad   F2F
    SAP Norge
  • Tone Markey   F2F
    Orkla IT AS
  • Marianne Wik   F2F
    IBM AS
  • Kjersti Berg   F2F
    Orkla IT AS
  • Kari-Elin Ingebrigtsen   F2F
  • Geir Sunde   F2F
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Stian Fraas Vogsborg   F2F
  • Kristin Dyrud   F2F
    Yara International ASA
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer  
    SBN-Adfahrer AB
  • Olga Lotherington   F2F
    Yara International ASA
  • Henrik Inberg   F2F
    Aprosess as
  • Robert Sipina   F2F
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Stig Halvorsen   F2F
    Pipelife Norge AS
  • John Arild Korsnes   F2F
  • Martin Brownsword   F2F
    SBN-Adfahrer AB