SBN Webinar: Demo of ProMark – a Nordic Workforce Management solution with certified integration to SAP

6/03 | Start: 09:00

Demo of ProMark – a Nordic Workforce Management solution with certified integration to SAP

March 6th, 2020 - 09:00-10:00 - Survey result 6,38 (1-7) 

ProMark is a specialised Workforce Management solution developed in the Nordics, supporting national legislation and collective agreements. ProMark has certified integration with SAP applications, delivering critical data without custom programming.

In this webinar, Henrik Trolle, Sales Manager at Mark Information, will demonstrate ProMark focusing on:

  • Time tracking (time & attendance)
  • Allocation of time on projects or orders
  • Absence management
  • Scheduling/rostering
  • Self-service via modern user interfaces

Mark Information has long-lasting partnerships with leading companies within manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics and project-oriented industries such as construction and services. Our ProMark solution has been listed in Gartner’s Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications 4 years in a row.

Join this webinar to learn more!

Henrik Trolle
Mark Information


The event was evaluated Fantastic = 6,4 on a scale 1-7.



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Tags: hr, remuneration, mark information, sap knowledge

Number of participants: 31

  • Kati Borquez
  • Finn D Buø
    Zalaris Consulting AS
  • Camilla Mathisen
    Aker Solutions
  • Erik Engell
    Aker Solutions
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer
  • Trine Marie Egeli
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Per Ove Stømner
    Ringnes AS
  • Joakim Pihlstål
  • Björn Önnemar
  • Berit Eide
    Bouvet Norge AS
  • Bjørn Erik Thorgersen
    Mark Information Norge
  • Einar Jacobsen
    Zalaris Consulting AS
  • Reidar Skjøthaug
    Mark Information Norge
  • Ingebrigt Gjerstad
    Pipelife Norge AS
  • Jon Terje Nordli
  • Geir Engen
    Aibel AS
  • Hallgeir Moen
    Gavdi Sweden
  • Marita Johansen
    Sariba Consulting AS
  • May-Britt Hestvik
  • Einar Balle
  • Bodil Lund
    Aker Solutions AS
  • Veronika Midtgård
    Aibel AS
  • Kjersti Rese Bristow
    Aker Solutions AS
  • Harald Valderhaug
    Direktoratet for økonomistyring
  • Nina Schmid
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Anne Maibauer
    Cognizant AS
  • Katrin Olsen
    Cognizant AS
  • Lars-Erik Gravdal
    Aker Solutions AS
  • Henrik Trolle
    Mark Information Norge
  • Ståle Idland
    Matiq AS
  • Bernt Bakken
    SBN - Adfahrer AB