Mindfulness with SAP

Start: 14/01 10:00 | End: 18/02 10:30

Mindfulness with SAP

The SAP Global User Groups Organization invites you to join our mindfulness series to give yourself a break from the fast-paced nature of day-to-day life and heighten your self-awareness. Taking a mindful moment incites huge benefits – from greater satisfaction, focus, and peace-of-mind to stronger relationships and higher performance at work and beyond. Join our Mindfulness Ambassadors in practice to deepen your self-awareness, practice attention training real-time, and discover ways to integrate self-awareness into your daily routine. 
The series of six sessions cover different aspects of mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. After a short introduction to the Mindfulness training program at SAP, the subsequent sessions will focus first on self-awareness and self-management, becoming aware of emotions and learning regulating them. In Motivation we become aware of our values and higher purpose while at Empathy we train our abilities in perspective shifting and finally combine all competencies in Leadership, highlighting the key ingredients of successful teams. 

This first session is a short 1hour introduction to the Mindfulness training program at SAP. The session focuses on building healthy mental habits for wellbeing, sustaining high performance, and nurturing core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership. You will feel the impact immediately – already after one hour – you will have more clarity about yourself, understand your brain better – why emotional intelligence matters.

Session dates:
You will will receive meeting links for all sessions when you register for this one. 

January 14, 2020. 10.00 CET - Introduction (1 hour)
January 21, 2021. 10.00 CET - Self-awareness (30 minutes)
January 28, 2021. 10.00 CET - Self-management (30 minutes)
February 4, 2021. 10.00 CET - Motivation (30 minutes)
February 11, 2021. 10.00 CET - Empathy (30 minutes)
February 18, 2021. 10.00 CET - Leadership (30 minutes)

Recording session 1 14th January is found here


Presented by:

Petra-Maria Heeb Petra-Maria Heeb
Senior Customer Engagement Officer for Business ByDesign and SAP Global Mindfulness Lead Teacher @SAP CH.
As passionate out-of-the-box-thinker Petra Maria coaches people to find their real purpose at work and thrive in life. With her driving attitude she is able to motivate and inspire employees, teams, customers and partners to change their leadership style with Mindfulness and be successful as ONE TEAM.
Tara Kaur Tara Kaur
Project Manager, Customer Success, UK and Mindfulness Ambassador @SAP UK.
As an organised and structured individual Tara supports companies to implement SAP in the most effective manner. Tara enjoys supporting, motivating and inspiring individuals to achieve a common goal. Meanwhile, always striving to operate as a conscious leader and share knowledge within her teams.

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