SAP Technical Academy – SAP Business Technology Platform

Start: 18/03 09:00 | End: 18/03 12:00

SAP Technical Academy – SAP Business Technology Platform

March 9th, 11th, 16th & 18th 09:00-12:00

Join us for a two-week virtual knowledge sharing session and training course, where you will learn how to build an end-to-end, safety incident management application and get to work with the core components of SAP’s Business Technology Platform and SAP Cloud Platform.

Each class session will be approximately three hours long with an overview session and interactive breakout sessions in smaller groups. The first hour is a presentation followed by hands-on exercises (optional) which you will perform in an SAP training system.

The preferred browser for the hands-on exercises is Google Chrome. You will have access to the training system two weeks after the last exercise.

Through this technical academy, you will:

  • Learn the architectural overview of SAP Cloud Platform
  • Get your hands dirty with hands-on exposure to the services required to build your application, including Cloud Application Programming Model, Integration and Enterprise Messaging, Mobile Services, UI5, Workflow and Fiori, and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Engage virtually in breakout sessions with SAP technical experts as you develop your app
  • Finish with an application you built running on a trial instance of SAP Cloud Platform

You can join one or several sessions, but we recommend you to join and follow all the sessions in the right sequence and order to be able to end up with a fully functional application.

Day 1. Tuesday, March 9 from 09:00 to 12:00
Get started with SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management and the My Inbox

Day 2. Thursday, March 11 from 09:00 to 12:00 
SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and Enterprise Messaging

Day 3. Tuesday, March 16 from 09:00 to 12:00 
Build the front-end application with great Digital User Experience based on SAP Fiori (SAP UI5) and SAP Conversational AI

Day 4. Thursday, March 18 from 09:00 to 12:00 
Develop a Mobile Application based on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services
Design compelling story with SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Technical Academy – SAP Cloud Platform

  1. Introduction to Cloud Platform and Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP)
  2. Workflow and the Fiori Inbox
  3. Cloud Integration (CPI) and Enterprise Messaging
  4. User Interfaces – SAP UI5
  5. User Interfaces – Conversational AI (optional)
  6. User Interfaces – Mobile Services (MDK) 
  7. Create Visualizations and Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) (Optional)

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Recording from session 1 (March 9th):


Recording from session 2 (March 11th):


Recording from session 3 (March 16th):


Recording from session 4 (March 18th):



Kurt Iben Kristiansen (LinkedIn)Kurt Iben Kristiansen
Enterprise Architect, SAP


Dietmar Steinbichler (LinkedIn)Dietmar Steinbichler
Enterprise Architect, SAP


Contact Martin if you have questions or comments:

Martin BrownswordMartin Brownsword
Head of Innovation Team IT, HANA, Projects
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 917 11 593

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Number of participants: 40

  • Ole Bernhard Syltøy  
  • Sveinung Gehrken  
    S5 Consulting
  • Artur Latifov  
    S5 Consulting
  • Ilya Amosov  
    S5 Consulting
  • Björn Vilhjalmsson  
  • Telmo Pereira  
  • Anete Ozola  
  • Arpan Sengupta  
    Sopra Steria
  • Bruno Garcia  
    Statkraft AS
  • Tor Einar Jørgensen  
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Sonja Hansen  
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Tone Merete Ulseth  
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Sandra Strmecki  
    S5 Consulting
  • Daniel Boer Johannessen  
    Helse Midt-Norge
  • Geir Owe Wærsland  
  • Martin Brownsword  
  • Tom Stensrød  
  • Atif Bhatti  
    ConocoPhillips Norge
  • Terje Finnanger  
  • Amund Skaar-Hval  
  • Chris Scears  
  • Tania Dinnendahl  
  • Geir Kronkvist  
  • Arild Roskifte  
  • Ørjan Sæle  
    Sopra Steria
  • Kurt Kristiansen  
    SAP Norge
  • Dietmar Steinbichler  
    SAP Sverige
  • Henning Landsnes Birkeland  
  • Per Helgesplass  
  • Roy Johansen  
  • Ivan Schenk  
  • Ravi Brunsvik  
  • Sigurd Lund  
  • Jørgen Gusgaard  
    Sopra Steria
  • Catherine Adams  
    Sopra Steria
  • Meriton Gashi  
    S5 Consulting
  • Lasse Dønnestad Hansen  
    MHWirth AS
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer  
  • Silvia Gomez  
    Norsk Medisinaldepot AS
  • Anne Holme  
    Sopra Steria