SAP Time Management by Kronos - Deep dive into functionality including demo

17/01 | Start: 10:30

SAP Time Management by Kronos - Deep dive into functionality including demo

January 17th, 10:30-11:30

Harold Tijssen, Presales at Kronos will give us a deep dive into and demo of SAP Time Management by Kronos. The Kronos system is the recommended SAP SuccessFactors strategy for organizations that have more advanced requirements, including the need for workforce scheduling (and/or rostering), time tracking including time allocation to projects and/or (service) orders, and advanced leave management.

This webinar is a follow up to the  'SAP’s Time & Attendance strategy'  webinar ( Link  to recording and PDF of  presentation)  that Frans Smolders held on October 18th and the ' Workforce Management - SAP Time Management' presentation (Link to PDF of presentation) that Neil Pickering held at the SBN Conference 2019.


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Harold Tijssen, Presales at Kronos

Tags: hr, remuneration, sap knowledge

Number of participants: 48

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