SBN Webinar: All RISE with SAP: What’s really included?

Start: 18/06 10:30

All RISE with SAP: What’s really included?

June 18th, 10:30-11:30

Join this session for practical guidance on how to develop a business case for SAP S/4 including the steps involved for a successful project. Learn about all the components included in the RISE with SAP offering - what is the case for RISE and when you should consider it? We will share insights into the “Key Steps” in the SAP Migration and Modernization Journey and how you can secure better business value from your SAP investment. Independent SAP Consulting Company, Resulting IT together with AWS will share knowledge and recommendations to give you the best foundation for your SAP strategy.

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Jason Bath

Jason Bath
Senior Manager EMEA – SAP on AWS.
Jason Bath is Amazon’s EMEA head for SAP on AWS. He has many years’ experience working for SAP where, most recently, he held central roles focusing on cloud services for SAP.


Derek Prior

Derek Prior
Non-Executive Director - Resulting IT.
Derek Prior is something of a legend in the independent, SAP research and analysis areas. He has worked for Gartner and AMR as a Research Director specialising in SAP.


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Head of Innovation Team IT, HANA, Projects
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Number of participants: 38

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  • Kolbjørn Havnes (Leder SBN)  
    Norsk Hydro AS
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  • Jason Bath  
    Amazon Web Services
  • Derek Prior  
    Resulting IT
  • Marita Johansen  
    Sariba Consulting AS
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    Basis Consulting
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    S5 Consulting
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    NTT DATA Business Solutions
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