Innovation Workshop - A Day of Inspiration and Networking

12/09 | Start: 09:00

Innovation Workshop - A Day of Inspiration and Networking

A unique opportunity to participate in an Nordic Innovation Workshop hosted by SAP at its Experience Center in Copenhagen. At this full-day event you will get insight into where SAP is going with technology innovation, a tour around the Experience Center and the option to join one of the innovation tracks.

Mark your calendar on Thursday, September 12 and get inspired by compelling demos, customer use cases and a networking zone that will bring people together. More information on timing and agenda will follow.

Pictures from CPH Experience Center:

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Number of participants: 6

  • Randi Kleven
    Statkraft AS
  • Elin Jackson
    Statkraft AS
  • Didrik Arstad
    SBN - Adfahrer AB
  • Eva-Maria Fahrer
    SBN-Adfahrer AB
  • Cathrine Kjær Christensen
    SBN - Adfahrer Denmark
  • Bernt Bakken
    SBN - Adfahrer AB