SBN Webinar: How Do You Manage Cyber Risk in your SAP Systems?

Start: 8/03 09:00 | End: 8/03 10:00

How Do You Manage Cyber Risk in your SAP Systems?

March 8th, 09:00-10:00

In an era of an expanding attack surface for SAP, the imperative to protect critical SAP systems has never been more pronounced. This webinar addresses the urgent need to safeguard these crucial assets, emphasizing the perils of overlooking SAP security measures mandated under RISE.
Key points of the presentation include addressing critical risk areas housing the business's 'crown jewels' within SAP systems. It outlines strategies and guidance for enhancing visibility into ERP security and seamlessly embedding ERP security measures into broader Infosec processes.


Ernest Gutierrez Roca

Ernest Gutierrez Roca
Sales Engineer
Ernest has 15 years experience in implementing and supporting all kinds of SAP landscapes. He is part of the Sales Engineering team at Onapsis, ensuring the customers are taking as much value as possible from Onapsis Platform to keep their SAP applications secure and compliant.



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