10 reasons to join the SBN Conference 2022

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 21/06/2022 07:52

First the fun facts...


There will be Oktoberfest!

The best Hat will be rewarded. Bring your own Hat or borrow one from us.

The best Outfit will be rewarded if you dare to dress up. 😉

Dress up and have fun

The Foto Booth from 2019 will return after dinner on Wednesday.
The pictures are a great memory to take home

Make your portrait

Kristoffer Sandven, our portrait photographer will be back to make your CV picture on Thursday from 12:00.

The awesome program
The SBN Conference program will address:

  1. How can SAP support Business Transformation?
  2. How to prepare companies to become Sustainable?
  3. How to enable resilience and connect globally in the Supply Chain?
  4. How to reach an agile, secure, hybrid Cloud future?
  5. How to make the most of the SAP S/4HANA platform/universe?
  6. How to attract, develop and keep the right Talents?
  7. How to become an Intelligent Enterprise?


Best Early bird price is valid until 30 June, see more and register on this link or below:

See below pictures from work with the program in the SBN Core Leadership Team

(the 31 May 2022)

In pictures, President Kjell Jensen, VP Nick Banks, Cashier Dag Hågon Myrdal and Jan Morten Solhaug, Svanhild Didriksen, Gunn Elisabeth Løland Lending, Bernt Bakken, Didrik Arstad and Joakim Löves. Behind the camera Eva-Maria Fahrer.
Contact info found here

We work hard to select the most important topics and the best presenters!


Best Early bird price is valid until 30 June, register on this link or below.

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