A 5-minute survey to give feedback to SAP Support

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 05/03/2020 02:52

A 5-minute survey.

Give your feedback to the SAP Support Team

This is a great opportunity for you as a members of a user group to state what is working well and what is not.  SAP is working on improving your SAP Support experience and will use the replies they get from this Survey in the process. The survey is open until 31st March.

The result of the survey and conclusions taken by SAP will be presented to the SAP User Group Global Executive Network (SUGEN) meeting in April where our President Kolbjørn Havnes, Our Vice President Bente Boger and I will attend.

FYI: Time shedule:
Feb 17:               survey starts and runs for six weeks
Mac 31:              survey ends
Apr 21:               results presentation at SUGEN F2F
Link to survey

The team behind the survey do look forward to your feedback!
Paulo Moraes, Frank Haes, Simon Redondie, Wassilios Lolas and Rene Cedat


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