A CEO’s guide to thriving with home office

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 14/04/2020 12:10

Hans-Petter MellerudHans-Petter Mellerud is the founder and CEO of Zalaris. His commitment to physical fitness includes competitive cycling as well as grueling Ironman events for charitable causes (go #TeamZalaris!). He was a recipient of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year honor for Norway in 2017 and a nominee for the global award in 2018


Hans-Petter Mellerud points on the fact, the experience you get now will shape how to use tech to improve management when we return back to normal


Hans-Petter summaries his thoughts like this:

  • Continue using Teams in the current set-up as it is an effective way to document and share info on activities.
  • Video meetings equals out physical distance and creates better ways of benefiting from diversity of the team.
  • Continue using video with customers as it allows for more frequent and personal communication. With scenery from everyone’s homes.
  • Introduce one or more home office days a week to reduce commute load (better for the environment) and allow for savings in office space through hot desking.
  • There is nothing like a common enemy – a virus – to bring the best out of a team. I believe we have never had a better team spirit and “go go attitude” than now.
  • Even though video and Teams works great – I am missing the coffee machine talk and exchange with the larger group of people.

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Sheena LimPublished by EM Fahrer on Tip from Sheena Lim, Head of Marketing and Communications. Zalaris. 

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