A look back at 2019 and an eager look ahead to 2020

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 16/12/2019 17:06

We thank you all for a fantastic year!

Here's a quick look at 2019 with some key figures and now I'm looking forward to 2020

SBN Attendance Growth 14%

 We are very proud we had a Growth in number of people attending our events. 

In 2018 1298 attended and in 2019 more than 1487...   and today 17 December we made a final calculation it became actually 1505 and 16% Growth...

In total we offered 46 events where 45 where included in the membership. In average we had 33 particpants including the conference. Excluding the conference, 25 people attended in average.

Awesome numbers ... ask Cathrine Kjær for more informtion if you are interested. 



SBN Recordings in 2019Amazing 3 363 is the number of times our recordings have been played this year by 1 of December 2019. The number may still grow as there are some days left this year. 26 Events have been recorded and 75 recordings have been published this year. Ask Joakim Löves for more information if you are interested.



SBN arranged a number of great travels with fantastic evaluations.

As example Didrik Arstad arranged a trip to Praha and the shared service centre. We visited the SAP Experience Centre in Copenhagen. This picture is from our travel where we where discussing with SAP product strategy people, at the head office in Walldorf Germany in March.



We have seen a Growth in Memberships this year in line with the KPI we had set which makes us very happy and proud. The new webpage and backoffice systems bring us expected benefits so we regard ourselves to be on track and well prepared for the new decade.


Lot's of actvities are planned for 2020, see on www.sbn.no. But ...

... Now we will take a well deserved Christmas and New Years holliday and we eagerly look forward to be in contact again in the new year





Eva-Maria FahrerAll the best from us!

Do you have ideas for 2020 or wishes or comments?  
Please get in touch. Contact information em(at)sbn.no  +47 922 52 539 or talk to Bernt, Cathrine, Didrik, Joakim or Martin. Contact information is found here 
Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO SBN-Adfahrer


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