Tips! OpenSAP course on AI Ethics and Use SAP Signavio and SAP Build

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 13/03/2024 10:27

A new openSAP course where you can learn how to use SAP Signavio and SAP Build to change Business Processes. The course AI Ethics at SAP is also back for new run.

SAP opens a new openSAP course where you can learn how to leverage SAP Signavio and SAP Build solutions, Transform Your Business Processes with SAP Signavio and SAP Build. A course for citizen developers, you’ll learn how to utilize SAP Signavio solutions to analyze and improve business processes, how to build user applications using SAP Build Apps with a low-code/no-code approach, integrated with Graph, and deep-dive into automating business processes with SAP Build Process Automation.

The course starts April 16 and enrollment is now open.


Also the popular course AI Ethics at SAP is back for another run. 

AI Ethics at SAP (Edition Q1/2024)
In this course you’ll learn about the importance and principles of ethics in the context of AI. Discover how SAP implements AI ethics in the development, deployment, use, and sale of AI systems, and explore the concept of generative AI. The course starts today, giving you the chance to start learning right away and complete the course assignment at any time whilst the course is open. 

The SAP Learning site is the new platform for openSAP courses.
Over 200 SAP Learning Journeys can help you to build the skills you need and prepare for an SAP Certification. 


Eva-Maria FahrerThis text is based on information distributed by openSAP Team, this as I thought the information will be intersting for all our members.

All the best Eva-Maria 


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