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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 23/02/2024 13:06

AI strategy of Aker BP.

"We want to cooperate and share more because the only way forward is cooperation, and the only option is action", is written on the Aker BP web page.
That the only option is action was a very clear in the message presented by Paula Doyle, the Chief Digital Officer of Aker BP.

Listen to her speech about AI which she held at NHOs annual conference 2024.

The recording is found on this link 

Watch Paula’s speech in it’s entirety.
It is published on Aker BPs homepage on the link above

Paula Doyle, the Aker BP, Chief Digital Officer recommends 5 questions.
5 questions you need to ask your leader team, in your next meeting 

  1. What are you doing today with Gen AI? 
  2. Is our data fit for AI? 
  3. What business cases are out there? 
  4. Who can we collaborate with? 
  5. How can we go faster?
  6. Do we have a working environment where creativity and innovation can foster and grow, and where we can speak up and allow each other to fail?

SBN will focus on AI in 2024 and forward .... see events below


Steinar Hansen
Recording published on tip from Steinar Hansen, ConocoPhillips



Eva-Maria Fahrer

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Link to Aker BPs page here and above


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