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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 25/08/2020 08:32

In topic selection workshop. Martin Brownsword, Didrik Arstad and Joakim Löves. Picture EMF


Only the best presentations will this year be included due to the limited space of the new format. 


Early Bird price 2900,- + moms for the SBN Conference 2020.
Until August 31.
 If you do not want to pay with a creditcard, send us an e-mail. We can provide you with "your company code" which you and your collegues use, and later a normal invoice sent as EHF or any other format.



In program work, Bernt Bakken, Eva-Maria Fahrer and Didrik Arstad. Picture by JL


In 2020, 
the SBN Conference will give you even more value. 

6 Tracks and Noting in parallell! Virtual makes the Quality on the knowledge and experience sharing becomes as high as always or even higher as usual and the prices become much better.

New Flexibility due to the Virtual concept

  • Select and Pick what you are interested in or participate in everything. 
  • Find what you are looking for - Do Deep dives, Ask a questions - Get replies, join ur Sponsors Expert Sessions!
  • Total focus on your learning experience.
  • Large width - We cover all usual areas
  • Participate in everything you are interested in as the SBN Conference runs over 6 days.
  • Easy to fit the conference into your workday as it's virtual and recorded.
  • Share the best PowerPoints and recorded presentations with others in your organisation afterwards.
  • Talk to experts and ask your questions. Lots of opportunities to get in contact with the right people in an effective way

Early Bird price is available until August 31.

  • Virtual = No travel cost
  • With the SBN Conference Pass you will able to re-play all the presentations as much as you like.
  • Very Low price for an SBN Conference! 

You can join all your favorite sessions!


Lunch in seaside. On the steps of the Oslo Opera House. Joakim Löves, Didrik Arstad, Bernt Bakken and Martin Brownsword. Picture by EMF





Eva-Maria FahreerI'm proud to say we have a very good offer. It will be interesting to see if you even may prefer the virtual version. It's cost and time efficient. Networking will be different, we need to collaborate to make it good. No one has to travel which means we save the environmet and help the society ...

Comments or ideas? Call me 922 52 539  or +46 70 569 78 08 or send me an e-mail em(at)

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