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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 08/10/2020 15:31

We had board meeting Monday this week. The SBN program managers Bernt, Didrik and Martin described the latest version of their program to the SBN board. This gave me the opportunity to listen again. It becomes different if you describe something to a new person instead. This program version is more than awesome. It's always awesome but this year even more outstanding. I will ask them to do a new recording which you can listen too, so you can judge it yourself. This new recording will be made and published during this and next week...

The  SBN conference program is even more than awesome this year. The program is usually very good we are used to excellent evaluations and the audience replies time has been well spent attending the conferense.

In  evaluations after the SBN Conference all attendees would have recommended the conference to a colleague ... so please do ... take the opportunity and recommend it to a colleague before the conference. 


The virtual format makes all  different.

Everyone can afford to attend the SBN Conference! 

The conference has a very low price and there is no additional travel cost. You can join all presentations as nothing is in parallell. The time spent is very efficient and it's very easy to attend as it's done from "home" (virtual) on a well functioning web-link. If you by some reason can not join a session and by this loose the opportunity to ask questions and chat in the pause you can always watch the recording afterwards.

It's easy to share the key learning with your colleagues.

Recordings and PDFs will be available and can be forwarded to them as a link in an e-mail.


The program quality is influenced by "different"
in a positive way:


Project experience from distant projects

1) The knowledge and experience is selected from a wider group of projects. The number of customer projects where it is possible to share experience is much larger. The person sharing experience and knowledge does not need to be in the same room as you during presentation.

  1. A very good example is experience of Ariba and Ariba projects ... we have listened to SAP describing the Ariba functionality several time but this year a Danish customer will share their experience. The customer VELUX A/S has a high workload and if Gillian Winsley and Mikael Hansen and they would have had to travel to us they would not have come. 
  2. An very good example is Gerald West, Head of Application Security & Controls Assurance, Serco Group located in the UK whi will share how his company is protecting the value of their SAP. 
  3. A third very good example is Alan Jensen, CIO and Senior Vice President, Salling Group who will share how Salling Group ( a large well known Danish retailer) have implemented and use Software from SAP to  support their retail processes. Alan Jensen just like the others will take an hour out his tight  schedule to share from his office in Denmark. And there are more examples if you check the agenda ...

Ongoing change, can be shared and discussed

2) Ongoing change is and can be shared ... also those who do not have the time to join us for a day or half a day are able to take 35 minutes to meet you and share their "up to date" experience  ... All presentations above as well as many presentations in the program are good examples.

To focus on one example there is a presentation on the keynote day on Value Assessment. Statkrafts Roy Eidset in the role of VP Digital Finance  will share, what they regard as value drivers for a move to S/4HANA. Statkraft is the middle of the project and we understand he has very, very little time and still he priorities the discussion and interaction with colleague customers. Hydro, and our SBN President Kolbjørn Havnes has taken the opportunity to discuss and will join the discussion but also others will be heard.


The exhibitors have their best people stand-by

Do you have questions? The exhibitors have their best people stand-by just as for a face2face conference. Probably even better as the experts do not need to be in the conference location. 

If you are hesitating to register as you may not have the time, but do like SBN, there is one reason more to register. In Norwegian this is called "Dugnad" and would be closest translated to "Support your friends". It's hard times for us in SBN ... so even if you are not certain you have the time to join the conference, the financial contribution of you registration is appreciated ... and the recorded presentations will be awesome, inaddition to the few presentations, you may be able, to attend in person ...

We look forward to see you in the virtual reality!



Eva-Maria Fahrer

My colleagues and I look forward to meet you at the conference! 
If you have questions or idéas give me a call 922 52 539 or international 0046 70 569 78 08




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