A Gala for the National Autistic Society

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This is video is about SAPs engagement in Autism.
A video from the Gala SAP Diverse Minds at London's iconic Old Billingsgate the 11th of April 2019. The Gala raised a staggering £80,000 for the National Autistic Society and Ambitious About Autism.

Brian Duffy in this video shares information about the initiativ in SAP

He explains, SAP has a recruitment and hiring practices that aims to employ one percent of its workforce with persons on the Autism spectrum. SAP is making great inroads toward this goal and he shares a number of people employed april 2019.

SAP has a focus on sharing learnings with partner and customer organizations implementing similar programs. The Gala is aimed to bring together key stakeholders to further enrich the program.

Read this page about the program.
This page explains the program but is dated 2016.

Read about the Organisation Action in Autism 


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