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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 06/01/2020 12:52

New by SBN. A 2 day course on how to "Calculate with Sustainability". The Business Case is improved by the benefits of environmental thinking 

Hvordan du beregner lønnsomhet på Bærekraft (Sustainability)

This training will teach you how to calculate ROI on a a sustainability project to show the profitability in the investment.

Read about the course on this link




Eva-Maria FahrerI would love to get your comments to this new cours initiative. I found the teacher in Sweden where he makes courses since several years. Do we need this kind of courses or do you already have the sustainable aspect in all your projects?  Do you have other ideas for me, SBN or wishes or comments?  
Please get in touch. Contact information em(at)  +47 922 52 539 or talk to Bernt, Cathrine, Didrik, Joakim or Martin. All contact information is found here 
Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO SBN-Adfahrer

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