Carbon: the untapped value pool for the new era of emissions intelligence

Posted by Bernt Bakken on 18/11/2022 12:42

Listen to Mauricio Bermudez Neubauer and Andrew Pincott from Accenture talk about this subject on the SBN Conference, October 19th. This presentation include interesting used cases from companies, mainly related to the Oil & Gas industry, on the way towards reduced emissions.

In their interesting presentation, they discussed the points listed below:  

  • To make sustainable choices Companies need visibility across the entire value chain 
  • Sustainable decisions build on Carbon Transparency and Carbon Accounting
  • Regulatory and investment pressures mandate carbon transparency. 
  • Companies need exploiting carbon flows like currency through transactional value chain will allow to handle fully auditable carbon emissions accounting 
  • It's time to see Carbon Accounting as the untapped value pool for new the era

Accenture also had a follow up presentation the next day of the SBN Conference, ‘Sustainability transformation enabled by SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprise’ held by Janette Kruunari. 

You can look at the slides on this link.

Going into 2023 SBN will continue to follow up this subject with webinars and we have already planned a day with focus on sustainability on May 23rd. Please reserve your calendar! 

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