Christmas Greetings from SBN

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 14/12/2021 19:40

We share a few pictures which we hope will give you a little Christmas feeling and make you long for Christmas.

First a few pictures from the Christmas market in Strasbourg to enjoy in times when the trip there is impossible. The pictures are sent to us and shared by our very kind SAP support person Brindha Safai. She is living close to SAP Walldorf with her family and visited the Christmas Market in Strasbourg last weekend.Lovely house decorations

Lovely, especially when it is cold, white and beautiful outside.

Christmas markets are special. You know you don't need it, but still want it as it looks so nice

Fantastic house decorations 


Picture taken during evening walk  in Täby Sweden. It's a private normal family house under all the light. Living there is a family who since years build on their Christmas decorations. 


My (EM Fahrer) home baked Christmas cookies. Family Recipe on "Hildabrötchen" from my mother which she became from my German granny.  The recepie is for 40-45 cookies. I made it this year, they are 43 🎄 😄


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SBN

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