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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 07/11/2019 10:06

Next week Bente, Kolbjørn and I travel to Walldorf to participate in a meeting hosted by SAP.  We represent Norway and our task is to learn and influence. There are many important subjects where representatives from SBN are infuencers. The most recent subject of great importance are:

Development of the new license model. SBN supported early the document pricing idea and we are confident the model for licensing of indirect access is well functioning for our memebers. Prices is an indivudal negotiation but the model is reasonable easy to understand.

The Roadmap for HR on the way to S/4HANA has been changed based on our and many other customers demands. 

Integration of a SAP landscape benefiting from all the system purchases SAP has made is not always easy. SAP systems should integrate easily. This is a strategic very important subject for SAP and large investments are made to create easy out-of-the-box integrations. SBN will continuisy bring this subject to the table until there are less comments and complains from our members.

Eva-Maria FahrerDo you have a message for SAP?  Send me, Bente or Kolbjørn your input or call no later than Monday by en of business 2019-11-11.  Contact information to me is em(at)  +47 922 52 539.

Bente Boger, Forsvaret og Vice President SBN, Eva-Maria Fahrer, Adfahrer CEO SBN, Kolbjørn Havnes, Hydro President SBN

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