Engaging discussion around current topics in the space of Technology & Innovation.

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 16/05/2022 13:31

Above a print screen from the SUGEN meeting with Jürgen Müller May 6th, 2022. Jürgen with laptop making notes.  See below extract from E-mail sent by Jürgen and his team after the meeting to the SUGEN community.



Jürgen Müller

Dear SUGEN Members,
Thank you for the engaging discussion
around current topics in the space of Technology & Innovation.

It is always a pleasure to exchange with you and get insights from such a diverse group like SUGEN.

As mentioned during our conversation, I am happy to work together with you on enhancing the aspects of SAP’s enablement and consumption approach in order to drive further adoption.
Yasmin and her team will follow-up with you regarding the topics discussed during the session: A touchpoint with Max Wessel (Chief Learning Officer) on SAP’s Learning & Enablement offerings.  Flexibility in CPEA consumption model with regards to CPI Licensing & usage traceability

In the meantime, feel free to explore the resources outlined in the call: SAP Learning Platform, SAP Discovery Center, SAP API Business Hub, and openSAP Platform.

The international community that you represent as well as your feedback are of key value and help us shape the strategic direction of our solutions. I value the continuous and open dialogue with you, and I am looking forward to meeting you next time!
All the best,
Dr.-Ing. Juergen Mueller
Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE
Chief Technology Officer

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