First RISE deal for 2021

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 03/04/2022 20:43

"Cutting to the chase, RISE with SAP is not only a buzzword, and depending on many factors – especially whether SAP is a greenfield or brownfield project for the company – the RISE assets collectively offer many possibilities for fulfilling the ambition of becoming an intelligent and responsive enterprise, enabled by a clean core, modern cloud technology and an inclusive ecosystem of digital capabilities."
By: David Colgan, Partner Deloitte

Deloitte tildelt utmerkelse av SAP for
«First RISE deal for 2021» i Norden.

Les mer om hvordan Deloitte jobber med RISE med SAP,

Blog by David Colgan on this link


Posted by EM Fahrer, on tip by Didrik Arstad.

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