Greetings from Christian Klein to SAPs Customers

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 16/10/2019 08:57

Dear SUGEN* members,
Jen and I are equally humbled and proud to succeed Hasso Plattner, Dietmar Hopp, Henning Kagermann, Leo Apotheker, Jim Hagemann Snabe and Bill McDermott as CEOs of SAP.

Like Bill, we deeply believe in SAP, its people, products and its promise to you: putting our customers first. We look forward to continue delivering what it takes to make your business best-run, help you stand out and make a difference – both to your customers and to the world.
We both passionately believe that a customer first company needs to be willing to listen closely to outside-in perspectives, learn fast and never lose sight of a joint solution for even the greatest challenges. After watching Bill interact with many of our customers over the past decade, we can comfortably say we learned from the best. And this is just one of the things we look forward to celebrating and thanking him for in the days and weeks ahead.
Most importantly, our relationship is of critical importance to us and we will remain actively engaged to ensure our joint success. I am incredibly excited about what we can achieve together for our customers.
If there’s one thing you can expect from SAP, it’s that the best is yet to come. And we strongly believe that we – together with our customers and partners – will continue to lead the industry by example.
It’s a profound honor to be the next CEOs of SAP – and we’re both humbled and excited to be an integral part of your daily business.
Jen and Christian

Jennifer Morgan & Christian Klein
Co-CEO and Members of the Executive Board

*)SUGEN= SAP user group executive network. SBN is member in the SUGEN network. All User Groups have three representatives. For SBN they are Eva-Maria Fahrer, CEO of SBN together with our President Kolbjørn Havnes from Hydro and our Vice President Bente Boger from the Norwegian Defens. 


Video CNBC's interview with SAP's new co-CEOs



Eva-Maria FahrerPosted by EM Fahrer, representing SBN in the SUGEN network together with our President Kolbjørn Havnes from Hydro and Vice President Bente Boger from the Norwegian Defens. The published text comes from an e-mail sent by Christian Klein to all SUGEN representatives which I in this way bring forward to you, the SBN members, we represent in SUGEN.

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