We wish our members a Happy Easter!

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 21/03/2024 19:00

With a black marker, draw the hare's face in the middle of the egg - the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers - and cut the long ears from colored paper. Preferably two layers of natural colored ears for the nicest effect. Glue the ear parts to each other and then to the egg. Repeat the steps until you have a whole load of cute Easter eggs. 🐣

Link to the blog where I found these cute rabbits




Å vare lykkelig betyr ikke at alt er perfekt.

Det betyr at du klarer å glede deg over det du har.

In english
Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means that you are able to enjoy what you have.




Vi ønsker alle våre medlemmer en riktig god påske!

In english
We wish our members a Happy  Easter!


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