Impressive outcomes of The Norwegian Defense and S5 Consulting collaboration

Posted by Joakim Löves on 09/12/2020 13:15

Norwegian Defense has seen 80% improvement in some processes thanks to the development of SAP solutions. S5 Consulting proves that complex big scale projects can be accomplished in an agile way, no matter the venture’s size. 

Anyone who has any experience with the army knows how lengthy simple procedures can be. Whether it is the process of onboarding recruits, getting numerous personal equipment items, or just urgent delivery - it can take too much time. 

  Photo: Mikkel Mørland / Forsvaret
(Photo: Mikkel Mørland / Forsvaret)

Norwegian Defense was looking for improvements and decided to take advantage of many opportunities automatization can give. That’s where S5 Consulting came in, ready to contribute. What swift, modern solutions have they developed? Let’s look at the example of Smart LOG - the new, intuitive self-service kiosk running on the Neptune DX Platform. It optimized logistics and significantly reduced waiting time by achieving standardization in warehouses and regaining full control of the equipment and delivery process. Why should a bigger belt size of coming back staff cause hold back? Now such a simple scenario as updating clothing size can be done via the system. Adaptable, smooth-running, and not-interrupted processes should be the goal of any organization. 

Smart LOG is a successfully delivered on time project based on the SAP ecosystem. Switching from the old "manual" method of data entry saved 80% time spent counting in the warehouses.
Here are some of the benefits Norwegian Defense saw on land and in the warehouses: 

  • streamlined, controlled processes resulted in strong stocks management
  • overall cutaway of waste, eliminated errors
  • on-time logistics and reduced waiting time
  • increased efficiency and morals of personnel 

S5 Consulting

"Organizations can benefit from simplifying or eliminating unnecessary work-related tasks to improve the efficiency of processes in a business. We believe that waste of time, efforts, and potential can be reduced, making space for new possibilities." –
Sveinung Gehrken, Managing Director, S5 Consulting.

  (Photo: Frederik Ringnes / Forsvaret)
(Photo: Frederik Ringnes / Forsvaret)

Future-oriented cooperation 

It doesn’t surprise that after such satisfying results from S5 Consulting, The Norwegian Defense continues to work on the modernization and further improvement of logistics activities. Since October 2020, the consultants experienced in SAP Fiori and SAP HANA are taking part in the next level of work on the SmartLOG program. 

About S5 Consulting 

The Norwegian company has been operating since 2007. They specialize in digital design thinking and integration of SAP software for businesses. S5 Consulting has been helping implement solutions for a wide range of clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Gyldendal, Aker BP, Orkla and COOP. This year the SAP organization awarded S5 Consulting the SAP Gold Partner status to recognize exceptional capabilities and high competency with SAP technology. 

More information about S5
More information about the project 


Sveinung Gehrken 
Managing Director
S5 Consulting
mob. +47 47 31 80 37

Nicolay Aarstad Wildhagen 
UX, Mobility, Security and Technology S5 Consulting
mob. +47 93 03 93 04

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