Influence SAP - ERP survey - How can SAP support you?

Posted by Joakim Löves on 28/03/2019 10:15

SAP asks you for feedback on how they can better support you. Therefore take a few minutes to give your feedback on how they can support you. The goal of SAP is to better understand your preferences and improve solutions and services where it matters the most.

In particular, SAP would like to better understand your preferences along 3 dimensions:

  1. Which features you need most and how you are currently working with your ERP systems
  2. Which Deployment methods and schedules would work best for your business?
  3. To avoid interruptions which migration scenarios and infrastructure setup would you prefer.

The results will be an important influencing factor for the S/4HANA development strategy.

Take the chance to influence SAP´s future solutions.  In return, you can opt in to receive an exclusive executive summary of the survey results to better understand where the market is moving in the ERP space.

The survey is open until April, 16st, so take part here now.

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